Tobacco Seeds

Tobacco seeds to grow your own tobacco here in New Zealand's temperate climate.

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  • Homegrow Tobacco Growing Kit
    This kit contains all the ingredients to raise about 100 tobacco plants to be able to grow your own tobacco from seed.
    NZ$ 30.00 set
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  • Homegrow Tobacco Curing Kit
    This kit contains methods and ingredients to produce fine smoking tobacco from your homegrow plants to cure and flavour your tobacco leaf,
    NZ$ 30.00 set
    Out Of Stock
  • Tobacco Seeds - 1000pk ***** NEW OFFERING*****
    Prime Golden Virginia Tobacco seeds harvested fresh each year from a local NZ grower, making them ideal for NZ conditions.
    Tobacco plants grow like wildfire once established and produce heavy yields.
    NZ$ 10.00 pack of 1000 seeds
    One Packet Left